Below is an excerpt from the foreword of the Time-Layering text-book. It is a work in progress and estimated to see the light of day some time in 2021. However, practice of time-layering itself dates back thousands of years.

In this book, I will be discussing demonic energy and its relation to the earth. You will learn how to connect and work with frequencies of energy from deep within the earth through physical means. This is not a book about summoning spirits out of air.

Time works in a system of layers; for example, metamorphic rocks and tree trunks present visible layers of time. We can observe their lifetime by studying these layers. This layering applies to all things, intangible and tangible. Culture, economies, politics, language, personal histories, art, music and so forth—their current state depends upon the quality and content of their prior states. Each builds upon itself, even if as a rebellion and rejection of its prior state. In other words, we exist upon billions of years of layers, all of which remain. Nothing is ever entirely lost, although the farther away it is, generally the more difficult to retrieve. Layers often revisit us, too, but they are never totally new. This book will provide you with the knowledge of time-layering, necessary to extend yourself beyond each layer and become masterful of the depths.

What good can delving into the past bring us? This book is not about altering what has been—that is an impossibility (and I say that with much relief). You will in fact become acquainted with the immense and often overwhelming power of the ancient wisdom of the earth and the energies steeped down within it. They have been there for lengths of time inconceivable to any human being. They are able to guide and warn us with an intelligence otherwise unattainable within the average lifespan of you and I. We truly are children of Mother Nature, and we remain Her naive children for the entirety of our lives.

I would like to address in the foreword, the rock cycle. The rock cycle is the most critical of ideas in geology. It illustrates the movement and transformation of rock, from the molten at the core to the sedimentary rocks on Earth’s surface, and the metamorphic rock state between. In practice, the cycle is not so linear, but for the purpose of explanation, let us assume it is. The Earth is dynamic and ever-changing. Matter from the most unimaginable depths of it sometimes push their way to the surface either as a volcanic eruption, or a movement called “uplift”, and ancient layers (I use the descriptor “layer” as to pertain to the paragraphs above) release themselves to the current day, cooling to create the next layer. Newest, but not youngest. All that omniscience remains. An understanding of the rock cycle will aid your study of this book, and particularly of time-layering, its cyclical habits and how each relies upon the last. Under Essential Pre-study, you will find a diagram of the rock cycle specifically illustrated so as to support this book’s objective.

And entrapped inside and between it all, is energy of the demonic kind. Demons are as old as the Earth Herself. They have been obsessed over, reimagined, named and renamed countless times throughout history, from the Babylonian era, to forming the basis of Hebrew folklore, before Christianity dubbed every one of them evil. Demons can in fact be helpful, often indifferent. The word demon itself is derived from the Greek daimone, meaning “replete with wisdom”. To vilify them before you have begun using this book would be a foolish starting point, thus I urge you to sit and rethink your preconceptions if they are indeed fearful and loathing. Caution is still encouraged, but demons will sense the terror in your breath without you having moved your lips. Crystals with calming properties may be used to aid ceremonies if you are of a nervous disposition, and there is a section in the book on this, as well as the imperative practice of protecting one’s self before, during and after ceremony.

Working with demonic energy is intertwined with and irremovable from the earth. Our gut feelings and intuition are given to us by the earth and are the closest sensation we have to the awesome power that the earth yields. She gives us our sense of knowing through our feet and up into our stomachs. It is a visceral, wordless feeling, and with the aid of this book, you will learn to harness it effectively, thus granting you access to demonic realms which, to the majority of people, shudder beneath them without explanation, instilling in them a disorientating discomfort that they know not what to do with. My hope is that this book builds within you a trust in yourself, in that sensation, in the earth we inhabit, and ultimately, humbles you beyond repair.

Excerpt taken from Grimoire Gaia: Time-Layering, Y. Leigh